Tuesday, July 23, 2013

School Failure was Questioned

In Bavaria, 97 percent of teenagers state-schooling and private education 90 percent of teens pass their Abitur graduates. But in a surprising result, not one of 27 high school seniors in private vocational EPFOS in Schweinfurt managed to make the grade.

Although priding itself on being the first private school that specializes in economics, not a single student pass their economies. All of them received the value 'six' failed marks in the subject, as well as mathematics and engineering. The students fared slightly better in other subjects but still not good enough for the whole graduation.

State governments for education ministry said on Monday that it had begun an investigation into the "quality qualification" is achieved by staff, Die Welt newspaper reported. Blame is being pointed not the students, but teachers.

The reason behind the disaster "must lie in the structural make-up" of EPFOS, Ludwig Unger ministry spokesman told the newspaper. School has only been open two years and this is the first group of graduate students to take the national exam.

Officials said they would go to school on Tuesday to talk with teachers, pupils and students. It is possible the investigation could end up with the EPFOS teaching license being revoked, lawyer Patricia Fuchs-Politzki told Die Welt.

Fuchs-Politzki been approached by the parents of the 20 students affected, all of whom had been told by the school that they can repeat the year free of charge. Although the school offered to release the annual normal cost around € 1700, no students were enthusiastic to accept the offer, a mother told the paper.

School owner Michael Schwarz has offered no official statement about the disaster, but cited conceded he had "a little naive in some areas" running the school.